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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy provides practical support to help people recover from an illness, operation or an accident, or to support them with a long-term disability.  It explores the barriers which prevent people from doing the everyday activities that matter to them.  That could be something as simple as getting out of bed, getting dressed and making a cup of tea, or helping a person to prepare to return to work after a long illness. 

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages with a wide range of conditions, and look at the ‘whole person’ including their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental needs. 

Together with the person, the occupational therapist will discuss and develop goals to support the person to achieve a renewed sense of purpose by becoming as independent as possible.

“I firmly believe that people are the experts in their own conditions, and if the enthusiasm to recover and adapt to new circumstances exists, then it is possible to achieve a better quality of life.”


Accident, illness, injury and normal changes associated with growing older

You might be finding it more difficult to manage at home in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or even getting in and out of your favourite chair.  Perhaps you’re not so steady on your feet.  You could be recovering from an operation or an illness which has left you feeling under par. 

We can work together at your own pace, in your own home to make changes and improvements to the way you manage your everyday life. 

Workplace Assessments

Are you of working age and struggling to get to work because of an illness or disability?  We can work together with your employer to make an assessment of the environmental space you need to work in and the type of work you are able to do.  Minor adaptations at your place of work or in your routines can often be made to help you gain confidence in your abilities to get back to work. Support to grow in confidence to get back to work is also available.

Mental Ill-health

Thankfully, people are beginning to realise the importance of looking after their mental health in addition to keeping their physical bodies in good shape.  Stress, anxiety and depression can affect anyone, and it can be difficult to speak about it with close friends and family.  I can work with you to find practical and supportive* ways to improve your mental health, for example by seeking ways to help you engage in routines which are meaningful to you. 

*please note that I am not a trained counsellor but I use occupational therapy techniques to support you to achieve positive steps forward

Memory Impairment & Dementia

If you or a loved one are/is showing signs of forgetfulness which is making everyday life more of a challenge, we can work together to find ways to make things easier by recommending some equipment and ideas to support this phase.  In more established dementia related conditions, it’s still possible to create some routines and new ways of life which offer a better, safer life quality. 

Maureen Shiells


About me

I am a fully qualified and registered occupational therapist, living in the beautiful Cairngorms National Park in Highland Scotland.  I’m privileged to have worked as an OT for over twenty years, serving in the NHS (Lothian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde), Social Care services in Edinburgh and most recently in a national post with The Royal College of Occupational Therapists in London.   I pride myself in having the ability to create effective therapeutic relationships quickly and enjoy meeting people.  I’m reliable and professional at all times.

My areas of interest lie in orthopaedic trauma and musculoskeletal disorders, mental health, older people, dementia and learning disabilities.

I firmly believe that people are the experts in their own conditions, and if the enthusiasm to recover and adapt to new circumstances exists, then it is possible to achieve a better quality of life.   I’d be delighted to work with you to discover solutions which will improve your life quality.

For anyone who is interested in my services, I’ll willingly offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

Contact me today!


07842 589080



While this is the main area I plan to cover, if you live outside, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I still may be able to help.

I will visit you in your own home to see you in surroundings which are familiar to you.